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Easily test on Internet Explorer Online! Quick access to IE Browser versions (6-11), for testing websites on real desktop & mobile devices. No IE Emulators or Simulators.

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IE Browser Versions we support

List of Internet Explorer Browser Versions available for testing on.
8 browser versions

Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Explorer (IE) has around 5% market share in the US. Certain organizations may only allow a particular browser like Internet Explorer, while blocking other browsers for security reasons.

Therefore, given a healthy IE customer base and the way it supports CSS versions, Internet Explorer testing is important. Start Testing on IE for Free.

The IE emulator mimics an Internet Explorer browser on your workstation. This allows developers and QA testers to do a quick check of their websites on Internet Explorer.

IE Emulators only mimic an Internet Explorer browser screen and usually runs slower than the IE browser on a real device. For example, an IE test on Mac can’t be reliably done on an emulator or VM since developers and QA testers cannot mimic the exact CSS support and how certain interactions would work on a real device IE browser. Therefore a test on IE is incomplete without running these tests on a real device.

modern.IE by Microsoft provides access to Virtual Machines with Internet Explorer, for developers to download and test their websites on. Be warned that modern.IE licenses expire in 90 days.

A remote Internet Explorer browser allows developers to access a device with Internet Explorer pre-installed from the convenience of their own workstations, which has all their code. There is no need to maintain VMs or download and install any software.

BrowserStack provides instant access to real devices with pre-installed Internet Explorer versions, to comprehensively test on IE. For example, you can run an IE11 test on Windows 8.1 desktop device by signing into BrowserStack Live. Similarly, BrowserStack provides developers and QA testers with access to IE 11, IE 10, IE 9, IE 8, IE 7, IE 6 versions on real devices. You can automate your tests and integrate with CI/CD tools like CircleCI, TeamCity, Jenkins using our plugins. Test Now on IE.