Test Automation Simplified: Low effort, Faster Velocity

Create & run your first automated test in 2 mins. Build self-healing tests without writing a line of test code. No setup required, no training needed, start instantly!

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Purpose-built for teams

For QA Teams

Focus on exploratory testing by reducing regression testing efforts. Automate tests without writing or maintaining test code.

For Developers

Speed up test automation with no learning curve compared to Selenium, Cypress, etc. No test infrastructure & maintenance needed.

For Business Analysts, PMs & Others

Empower non-technical business experts to create and run automated tests. Eliminate the need for training and coding skills.

Key features

Easy test authoring

Achieve faster test authoring by recording user actions to generate automated tests. User-friendly recorder with no learning curve.

Visual validation

Visual validation

Replicate the testing capabilities of the ‘human eyes’ to detect functional regressions without having to write complex assertions.

Smart auto-waiting

Smart auto-waiting

Create resilient automated tests with contextual wait time. Automatically adjust the wait times based on the network response.

API integration

API integration

Incorporate API calls into tests to perform setup & tear down tasks like generating test data or cleaning up database after execution.

Global Test infrastructure

Global Test infrastructure

Execute tests in cloud hosted on world-class infrastructure with globally distributed locations. No infrastructure setup needed.

Video Logs

Video logs

Automatically capture the video recording of tests executed in cloud. Easily debug failed test steps.

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Piotr Kowalczyk @pierre_habibi Thank you god for @browserstack <3 Css magic...#Apple #testing #programming #FrontEnd
Luis H. Ball Jr. @luishbjr1 @browserstack Local appreciation tweet 🥰 Browser’s refusal to ship meaninful JS feature flags makes it necessary to be able to test on older versions.Local makes that a breeze ⛵.
Fatih Battal @fatihtweeting @browserstack I love you😘 Nothing more. That's it.
Kevin Basset @kvnbsst Big fan of @browserstack for cross-browser testing. If you're building a #PWA, it's an absolute must-have. #nocode #iphone #safari #web #browser
Rajendra Kadam @rajendra_ak Use @browserstack to automate tests on many more devices than those in your farm.
Code With Caen @CodeWithCaen Trying out @browserstack and am completely blown away. Currently playing around with visual testing using Percy. Super excited I got a sponsored #opensource plan too!