Legal Discovery Platform Logikcull Reduces Test Time by 73% with BrowserStack Automate

Logikcull turned to BrowserStack to confidently push code releases faster as they scaled their document platform.


Manual testing that couldn’t scale, lack of confidence in new releases, and significant bottlenecks to pushing releases.

Logikcull, a cloud-based discovery automation platform that gives enterprises, law firms, and governments control of the evidence discovery process, has disrupted an industry built around extraneous expenses.

Today, users upload data straight to Logikcull’s platform, where they are notified when documents—sometimes numbering in the millions— are ready for review. Once all documents are collected and processed, they become searchable by keywords and phrases, saving information discovery teams untold hours.

As they transitioned from a white-glove service to a software company, Hyunoo Park, now a Full-stack Engineer, was the only QA developer at Logikcull. And he was supporting an engineering team of twelve.

“When you’re doing manual acceptance testing for twelve engineers who are all developing their own features, it’s pretty insane. When you personally become the bottleneck, you realize there has to be a more efficient way for everything to get done,” says Park.

Though Park was using Selenium to successfully run browsers locally, he needed to find a way to run multiple environments on his own computer. A book he was reading led him to BrowserStack.

“The BrowserStack documentation was the easiest to digest. They had a million different examples for all these different programming languages, and the tutorials were easy for me to pick up.”


“We came for Automate, but we like having Live available.”

As he looked to scale his testing operation, Park’s first priority was to get coverage for the five main browser configurations on Logikcull’s platform— combinations of Mac or Windows, along with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

“Automate was very easy to configure. And the added bonus was that we got to test on real devices. If you don’t have a tool like BrowserStack that allows you to just bring up an iPhone 8, or iPhone X, or a crazy sized Motorola phone, mobile testing becomes this really annoying thing.” Because BrowserStack managed different browser versions for Park, he could now “flip a switch” to move between them, allowing him to run more tests faster, before releasing code updates.

“Our clientele and the service we provide is high stakes. Our customers are against a court ordered deadline to produce something. It’s a big problem if our site’s not working. People’s jobs are going to be impacted. BrowserStack helps us avoid situations like that and gives us so much peace of mind.”

Quickly, BrowserStack became an essential part of Logikcull’s automated smoke testing. It’s now essential for compliance reviews before new releases.


Faster troubleshooting, more frequent code releases, and increased confidence in updates.

“BrowserStack gives us confidence about our code releases. We know, for sure, we’re not breaking things and we’re not going to negatively impact customer experience.”

Today, Logikcull can push code faster and more confidently thanks to BrowserStack’s cross-browser testing options. Developers no longer have to wait in a queue to put updates through the pipeline. And when an error does occur, resolution happens more quickly. “We would be stuck in our tracks if our site went down. That’s the biggest fear as a Front-end Developer, that you are going to inadvertently push code that works on one browser but not on another.

BrowserStack is a key part of our processes now so I never have to worry about that,” says Park. Logikcull, who now saves 2.2 working hours a day on testing, recently quadrupled their VM account with BrowserStack – a further testament to their trust in the Automate product. “We’re getting exactly what we want out of it. It sounds so simple, but they’ve really helped us scale up.”




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Cut individual test time from thirty minutes to eight—a 73% reduction—which led to 3x faster release times.

“There’s no way you’re going to get the sort of browser coverage you need without using BrowserStack. It’s a force multiplier. I can troubleshoot 10 times faster just by looking at the video log or screenshot.”
Hyunoo Park
Full Stack Engineer, Logikcull
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