Harness our cloud infra to run Cypress tests at scale

Instant, hassle-free parallelization across 100+ browser versions. Functional and cross browser testing made easier with Cypress on BrowserStack

Harness our cloud to run Cypress tests at scale

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Wide cross-browser support for Cypress tests

Run Cypress tests on latest browsers. Get 100+ versions across Windows and macOS, with more to come.

Chrome Cypress cross browser coverage


Firefox Cypress cross browser coverage


Edge Cypress cross browser coverage



How it works

Run hundreds of Cypress tests in parallel, without maintaining countless Docker images. Scale your testing with BrowserStack in three easy steps.

cypress testing


Install the BrowserStack Cypress CLI to trigger your tests and get status updates.


Create a sample JSON file to configure your test runs on BrowserStack.


Trigger your tests via CLI, view and debug the results on the Automate dashboard.

Get started in 5 minutes

How we help agile teams deliver quality at speed

Ship every release confidently with BrowserStack Automate in your pipeline.

Harness our cloud to run Cypress tests at scale

Cover the bases before you ship

Build a robust test stack with Automate. Deliver seamless user experiences on every browser. Focus on test coverage and quality best practices, instead of infrastructure set up and maintenance.


Speed up testing for fast releases

Test builds continuously on our reliable cloud infrastructure for fast, deterministic feedback. Cut commit-to-deploy time by 10x with parallel test execution and comprehensive tools for debugging.

Speed up testing for fast releases
Cypress test automation without bottlenecks

Scale with zero bottlenecks

Grow testing capacity without any effort. With cloud infrastructure, you no longer have to maintain Docker images, install browsers, or manage capacity. Plug Automate into your pipeline and scale as you go.

Key Features of BrowserStack Automate

Test on dev environment

Test on dev environments

Use our Local binary to test builds securely on every commit and PR in your CI pipeline.


Parallel test runs

Run hundreds of Cypress tests concurrently to speed up execution time by 10x.

Comprehensive Debugging

Comprehensive debugging

Debug with ease using video recordings, automated screenshots, and text logs.

Ready to try Cypress on BrowserStack?

Get unlimited minutes for your Cypress test runs with BrowserStack Automate

Frequently Asked Questions

The Browserstack-Cypress-CLI is the test runner that will let you run your automated Cypress tests on BrowserStack.

All you have to do is install the BrowserStack-Cypress CLI, configure the browserstack.json file, and trigger your Cypress tests. View documentation for more details.

You can use the parallels key in the run_settings option within the configuration file to run Cypress tests in parallel on BrowserStack. Specify the number of parallel threads and trigger the tests. You can update the number of parallels whenever you want.

You can see Cypress test results and error logs on the Automate dashboard, grouped by builds and browser combinations. You can debug failed test sessions using video logs, screenshots and text logs.

There is no limit on the number of tests on paid subscriptions of Automate, including Automate Pro, Mobile, or Enterprise. In the free trial, you get 100 minutes to run your Cypress (or Selenium) tests. For more details view our pricing page.

Yes, you can run your Cypress across multiple browsers. BrowserStack helps you expand your Cypress test coverage to 30+ versions of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox on macOS and Windows. Simply specify the browser version and OS details in the browserstack.json file and trigger the tests.

BrowserStack Automate offers the infrastructure to run, scale, and debug your Cypress tests.

You get the following capabilities out of the box: cross-browser support, high-scale parallelization, seamless integration with your CI pipeline, and debugging, with more to come.

Yes. Triggering Cypress tests from your CI/CD is very similar to the way you run the tests from your local machine. Clone your project or test repository, install the BrowserStack-Cypress CLI, configure application servers if required, and start running your Cypress tests on BrowserStack directly.

Yes. The integration is stable and ready to be plugged into your existing pipelines. You can learn more about the integration and all it has to offer here.