Total Code Quality Management

Why wait when you can monitor code quality issues before they happen? Prevention of bad code is better than cure – refactoring later!

The one tool to detect all the dirty code


Sign up and import your code repository directly from Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, or Azure DevOps in a snap. No manual uploads are required. Simply connect your source code repositories, and you’re ready to dive right in. It’s that easy!


Get a thorough code repository analysis in minutes. Our tool identifies design anti-patterns, vulnerabilities, code issues, metric violations, and duplication. Critical vulnerabilities like memory leaks won’t go unnoticed in your code base.


Set up automated quality checks in your CI/CD pipeline and benchmark your code using industry-leading KPIs. Get real-time alerts and recommendations on code issues with our IDE plugins. Never ship flaky code again!

Key Features

Continuous Quality Monitoring

Integrated and automated workflows with pull requests and repository-level quality gates. Ensure ongoing quality monitoring.

Security and Compliance

100% coverage of all static checks in MISRA C:2012. Also compliant with CERT, CWE, and OWASP (2017).

Multi-dimensional Scan

Detect design anti-patterns, vulnerabilities, code issues, code metric violations, and code duplication.

Key Performance Indicators

Macro indicators to assess the business and engineering impact of various issues within your code.

Refactoring Support

Recommendations by a partitioning assistant on how to break down large classes to improve maintainability.

AI Recommendation (Beta)

Machine Learning engine that suggests probable solutions to your code issues based on insights from your past fixes.

Integrate Code Quality into your setup

Chances are, we’re already supporting the tools and platforms you’re using!


IDE Plugins

Fix code issues before making commits—simply download the plugin for your IDE below, and uncover bugs, security issues, and code smells with fast scanners that get you quick feedback.